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Our justice system is specifically designed to protect citizens from

  • arrest and conviction based on expedience, prejudice and political motivations by insisting upon the rights of the accused,
  • fair and impartial investigation,
  • the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt with clear and convincing factual evidence.

Obviously, the goals of our justice system are not always met, but did you know that the legal safeguards we so highly value and trust are increasingly being violated in juvenile cases? For those with children, the travesty of the case against Lacresha Murray literally means that the police can arrest and accuse your children of a horrendous crime, secret them away from you, deliberately and illegally deny them an attorney and/or parent during interrogation, subject them to lies, trickery, threats and bullying during an interrogation, deny them full notification of the charge against them and its consequences, completely slander their reputation, as well as that of the entire family, and put them away for 25 to 40 years, or more — without evidence.

By any other name, this is child abuse by our justice system. Although this is not supposed to happen in America, it did and it could happen to your child.

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